Character Design - Madoka Magica Own Character (WIP)

Character Design inspired by the manga and anime series called Puella Magi - Madoka Magica and Magia Record.

Please note: it is not an original character from the series.

Character Design - Édipo Gama

Tools used:

Photoshop, Pureref


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  • Name: Gama Yuuji;

  • Age: 17;

  • Origin/family: Exchange student from Brazil;

  • Weaknesses: proud;

  • Interests: cooking, strolling through crowded places, children's play;

  • Dislikes: quarrelsome people, rules, drama

  • Fears: insects, stagnating, getting poor

  • Wishes: Have fun forever with all the magical girls

  • Needs: doing fun things, partying all the time, living in the moon world;

  • Internal Conflict: The world demands that Yuuji be more serious, that he follow the rules. But Yuuji feels like a free spirit, doesn't want to follow rules and the reality as she is seen is too boring.

  • Moral guide: She believes that life is a party and should be celebrated everywhere now;

  • Faith / Ideals: She Believes she has the perfect life as a magical girl, and defends it at all costs

  • Attribute: Water/ice

  • Primary Weapon: A staff that makes soap bubbles. These bubbles explode, shooting spikes in all directions, or creating a shield.

  • Secondary weapon: balloons, craft popsicles and hula hoops.


Gama Yuuji is an exchange student from Brazil who starts studying at the same school as Madoka and Cia shortly after Sayaka Miki becomes a magical girl. She leaves Mitakihara right after Sayaka and Sakura's deaths, as the mood got very depressing and she hates it. It was Yuuji's dream to go to Japan to meet and have fun with other magical girls, since in her country there weren't many.


The desire that turned her into a magical girl was to become a girl. Yuuji was born male and hated himself for it. Her parents condemned and punished her for her feminine antics, but Kyuubei clearly saw the feminine emotions simmering in her and so offered the proposal. The past of everyone around her was altered as if Yuuji had actually been born female.