sealing clow lowpoly03.jpg

Clow Key Series (WIP)

Personal project where I've tried in different styles to produce UI icons to games.

This time I was inspired by an anime that was part of my childhood and reproduced the sealing key of the wizard Clow, from "Card Captors Sakura".

Illustration Modelling and Animation - Édipo Gama

Tools used:

Photoshop - After Effects - Blender3D - Pureref


#UIdesign #icons #gameart #fullrendered #lowpoly #highpoly #blender3d #photoshop #illustration #gamartz


  1. 2D full rendered

  2. 3D lowpoly

  3. 3D highpoly (coming soon)

  4. References

sealing key 2d
sealing clow lowpoly01
sealing clow lowpoly03
sealing clow lowpoly04
sealing clow lowpoly02