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Ebu - ARgame

Ebu is a Adventure game developed for my Job's Conclusion Course and focused on PC and mobile platforms, it with possibility of interaction in Augmented Reality.


Ebu tells the story of a extraterrestrial pig that got lost in one of nir intergalactic trips and now needs to travel through black holes on random planets if ne wants to go home. This simplified premise allowed me to explore artistic techniques such as concept arts, modeling and animation, as well as gaining experience in implementation at Unity and programming.

Art Direction, Concept Art, Illustration, Design, Modeling, Rigging, Animation and Programming - Edipo Gama

Sound Design - Arthur Braga 

Tools used:

Photoshop - Illustrator - Blender3D - Unity3D


#game #concept #characterdesign #illustration #flat #unity3d #blender3d #photoshop #illustrator #logo #modeling #lowpoly #rigging #animation #gamartz

Ebu screenshots
Ebu screenshots
Ebu screenshots
Ebu screenshots


logo porcess
character process
environment process