Illustrations - Nindoo Library

Illustration's series to be displayed on Nindoo.AI's website.

Concept and Illustrations - Édipo Gama

Tools used:

Photoshop, Blender, Pinterest and PureRef


#illustration #flat #environment #photoshop #gamartz



Nindoo's library works as an information society, an astral plane where its alchemist population organizes and shares all the knowledge of the Universe.

People are paid for the quality of care, according to the conscious consumption of information. Creators collect value on their digital assets, and users receive incentives on what they consume.

Colors: Purple, Pink and Green

Main reference: Etherium website


Four Pillars:

Collaboration: intelligence as a force;

Connectionknowledge networks;

Replacement: generating a knowledge economy;

Alchemy: discovering a treasure for humanity.